…Last but not least, “Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience”, wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. Aristotle was right. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

I am convinced that our society requires personalities who are bright and willing to take responsibility in order to thrive. Every society needs leaders. My vision is that we identify such young personalities and enable them to successfully embrace their roles.

…open communication with stakeholders and daily dialogue with the staff are essential to create buy-in, which remains one of the keys to dealing with adversity. You must keep a collective approach and a full engagement of the teams to face turbulent times and uncertainty together. Solidarity and team spirit might be more fragile in difficult times, but they are more a priority than ever. You must also trust your teams and their expertise.

Seize the opportunities you get and trust that things will work out. You will regret all the things you did not do, rather than the choices you actually made. I also think it is important to do a good job in the role you have at any given time. Most young people who enter the working life do not start their careers as leaders.

“You are the one who determines your own path in life, but a good leader must support that journey”


Timo Korkeamäki

My favorite life lesson is “don’t underestimate yourself”. My second favorite is “don’t overestimate yourself”. I have way overdone those career expectations that I had some 30 years ago, but at the same time, you have to be realistic about what you can and what you have time for. By overcommitting, you are unfair to your community, your family, and yourself.

Leaders need to empathise and be emotionally Intelligent. Teams need more support than ever in a rapidly changing world. All of this means that leaders must listen more and listen better, to understand, not just to hear, and respond with empathy and heart.

Thank you so much…

Aida Sagintayeva

Be as transparent as you can: Keep your finger on the pulse and share information with employees regularly. In our case, starting from March 2020, we launched video communications and email updates via regular addresses to university faculty, staff, and students. This helped to demystify the situation and reduced anxiety.

LGBT‐friendly corporate policies enhance firm performance, according to new research from Aalto University School of Business and the University of Vaasa.

The research conducted by Jukka Sihvonen, Assistant Professor at Aalto University School of Business, and his co-authors from the University of Vaasa — Veda Fatmy, John Kihn, and Sami Vähämaa, examined the association between LGBT‐friendly corporate policies and firm performance using data on 657 publicly traded US firms over the period 2003–2016, and found that LGBT-friendly policies may create value for the firm.

More specifically, the researchers found strong evidence that more LGBT‐friendly firms have higher profitability and higher…

A few years back, as a climate change desk officer, a colleague and I took some time off work to teach environmental education in primary and secondary schools in Ondo State. I remember telling the young people that what they give to the environment is what the environment will give back to them. And that humans can only live a healthy life if we are in harmony with nature. The message we shared with those young people resonated so well such that the Ministry of Environment commissioned us to take environmental education to the two tertiary institutions in Ondo State…

Kate Mowbray

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