Recognise and celebrate successes. As a leader, you want to ensure that you don’t become so consumed by the uncertainty that you forget to recognise team members for their hard work and celebrate victories regardless of how small. I always try to ensure that myself and the team take the…

Kamran Razmdoost

My philosophy in life is to utilise my resources, body, mind and way of thinking in a way to create a positive impact”

I am convinced that our society requires personalities who are bright and willing to take responsibility in order to thrive. Every society needs leaders. My vision is that we identify such young personalities and enable them to successfully embrace their roles.

…open communication with stakeholders and daily dialogue with the staff are essential to create buy-in, which remains one of the keys to dealing with adversity. You must keep a collective approach and a full engagement of the teams to face turbulent times and uncertainty together. Solidarity and team spirit might…

Kate Mowbray

Interesting people, ideas and businesses

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